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Lourens Bas (1944 - 2019)

"I was born and raised in an artistic family. Since my youth I am interested in art in various ways.
Since 1965 I am very interested in collecting antique and folk art toys. Not only as a dealer but first of all as a collector. I started with collecting tin toys and dolls in general and especially Lehmann toys. In the same time my interest started for the history of spinning tops for a spinning top was the only toy left from the memories of my childhood. I have published articles about these subjects for many years. Also I have been involved in making exhibitions with (parts of) my own collection and collections of others (arts & toys, Lehmann toys, spinning tops).

Since 1994 I am an expert valuer and appraiser on antique toys from the 17th century until the 1940's.

In 2005 I published the book 'Folk Art Toys from the Polder / Speelgoed uit de Polder' with Arthur Verdoorn and Karin Wester.
In 2011 I published the book 'The Lost Art of Spinning Tops' with Arthur Verdoorn (1935 - 2017)."

Publications from exhibitions which are still available:

'100 jaar Lehmann (1881 - 1981)'
This Dutch catalogue about Lehmann-toys was published in 1981 for an exhibition in a Dutch toy museum. It is a reprint from the original catalogue from 1926. 24 pages, black-white.
Price: € 3,00 (shipping not included)
'Kolder op Zolder'
This Dutch catalogue about circus-toys from 1870 - 1950 was published in 1998 as a co-production with Arthur Verdoorn for an exhibition in a Dutch toy museum. 27 pages, 35 photos full colour.
Price: € 5,00 (shipping not included)
'Toys from the Polder'
This Dutch catalogue about wooden toys, made in Waddinxveen between 1750 - 1950, was published in 2003 in a co-production with Karin Wester and Arthur Verdoorn for an exhibition in a Dutch museum. 27 pages, 25 photos black-white and colour.
Price: € 5,00 (shipping not included)

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